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Toddlers ‘n Casa - Ages 1-3

A fun full or half-day program for our youngest guests, the fully-supervised little ones play on the playground, enjoy art activities, puppet shows, musical games and more. Counselor to child ratio is 1:3. Full day includes lunch; half day includes snack. Staff trained in First Aid and CPR.

Kidz ‘n Casa - Ages 4-7

A supervised children's program for kids ages 4-7, Kidz ‘n Casa launches children on exciting adventures with Casa de Campo friendly counselors who provide a wealth of fun activities such as beach Olympics, treasure hunt, swimming and more. Full day includes lunch; half day includes snack. Staff trained in First Aid and CPR. Kidz Night Out: Evening programs offer a night off for you and a night out for the kids! Kidz Night Out operates seven nights a week from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm and includes dinner and activities.

Casa Tweens - Ages 8-12

Not Kidz and not quite Teens. Casa Tweens offers activities like kayaking, horseback riding, tennis and more!  Fully supervised, full day program includes lunch, half day includes snack. Staff is trained in First Aid and CPR.

Kid's Programs

La Vencidad, Casa de Campo

Bonche4Teens - Ages 13-17

A supervised area with a billiard table, air hockey, music, movies and more. Teens activities such as billiard tournaments, movie nights, parties and more are regularly scheduled. Some special teens activities require a fee, minimum number of registered teens and 24-hour advance reservation. Teen's Hang Out:, evening program for teens to have fun with other teens within the Resort. Guided by two counselors. This program operates seven nights a week from 7:00pm-12:00am. Includes dinner and one non-alcoholic beverage at the Sports Bar.

La Vecindad

KIDZ’N Casa in partnership with La Vecindad is pleased to offer an Early Education Center at Casa de Campo. A full day program, we offer a variety of ways for your children to stay active while also learning in a fun, educational, and supportive environment. A typical day involves the Early Education Center in the morning, followed by a wide range of activities in the afternoon.

Extracurricular and recreational activities include: Crafts, Painting, Musical stimulation, Motor skills development, Tutoring, Speech therapy, Story time, Swimming lessons, Ballet classes and Tutorials in English and Spanish.

Camp Frost

The most fun you will have at the beach! Games, music, songs and sports at Minitas Beach, every Saturday, from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. A great day playing olympic games, football, donkey polo, and much more. Camp Frost, the coolest camp!

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