Saint Barths Villas – 3br

Accommodations are based on a maximum of two guests per bedroom.
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Axel Rocks – 3br

Gustavia, Saint Barths

Stylish and distinctive, the newly built Villa Axel Rocks may leave you wondering if you are in a luxury vacation or in a high-end art gallery. The rental property’s owner’s unique contemporary furniture pieces, light fixtures, sculptures, and small pieces of hanging art give the house a creative flair—making it an ideal place to relax and feel your own inspiration start to flow.

Prices start at: $3,857 per night

Legends B – 3br

Lurin, Saint Barths

Imagination and attention to detail were the guiding forces in the design of the lavish, newly built Villa Legends B, and its muses are the top fashion houses of the world. Each of the five bedrooms was inspired by the creative vision of an iconic haute couture designer.

Prices start at: $2,857 per night

Wings – 3br

St. Jean, Saint Barths

Villa Wings is a brand-new construction that joins the ranks of the island’s top luxury homes, offering uncompromising quality in every aspect of design and decor. With a classic St. Barth view over the clear blue waters of St. Jean Bay and Pelican Beach

Prices start at: $2,571 per night

Belle Etoile – 3br

Deve, Saint Barths

There’s a beautiful new star on the island of St. Barth, and its name is Villa Belle Etoile. Recently completed, the luxury rental property is distinguished by its modern and stylish aesthetic. The look is handsome and attractive enough to be easily admired without being at all cold or off-putting.

Prices start at: $2,500 per night

Avenstar – 3br

Camaruche, Saint Barths

Located on the Camaruche hillside overlooking Lorient bay, Villa Avenstar offers its guests the ideal combination of elegant, modern design and a picture-perfect ocean view.

Prices start at: $2,143 per night

Ginger – 3br

Petite Saline, Saint Barths

Wide-angle views through broad windows and open-air living spaces are the hallmark of the newly constructed Villa Ginger. From its perch high above Petit Saline, the luxury rental property gives its residents panoramic views across the Grand Fond mountaintop, Saba, St. Martin, Anguilla, Fourchue Island, Bonhomme, Toc Vert, and the surf at Lorient.

Prices start at: $2,000 per night

Angelique – 3br

St. Jean, Saint Barths

Heavenly is an apt word to describe the newly built Villa Angelique, a modern, luxurious rental property with an enviable location on the quiet edge of St. Jean.

Prices start at: $1,714 per night

Coco Rock – 3br

Toiny, Saint Barths

The newly built Villa Coco Rock is the ultimate in let-your-hair-down St. Barths luxury. Designed by esteemed architect Olivier Dain, this luxury vacation home is relaxed but chic, beguiling and slightly insouciant, but also designed with comfort and convenience at the forefront.

Prices start at: $1,321 per night

Pastels – 3br

Vitet, Saint Barths

Villa Pastels is a little gem, situated in the Vitet countryside with pastoral and ocean views. Simplistic in style, the villa has been constructed using modern materials such as wood, polished concrete, steel and glass, while at the same time keeping a traditional island feel to it.

Prices start at: $1,057 per night

Casa Azul – 3br

Vitet, Saint Barths

Located on the Vitet hillside high above the turquoise waters of Grand Cul de Sac, Casa Azul (ZUL) offers its guests the peace and tranquility of a very private location while also providing a stunning panoramic view out over the eastern end of the island and the Atlantic Ocean beyond.

Prices start at: $1,014 per night

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