Our Safety Promise
Villa Staff
• Staff members understand the best practices for personal hygiene and cleaning protocols based on guidance from local authorities.

• Staff members will be instructed not to report for duty should they exhibit symptoms of any illness.

• Masks will be worn by the staff at all times.
To Our Guests
A starter kid will be provide to all guests with disinfectant essentials.

• Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer
• Anti-bacterial hand soap
• Disposable disinfectant wipes

Villa Cleaning & Sanitation
• All high touch surfaces will be cleaned with anti-bacterial solutions. Examples include:  dining tables, kitchen countertops and appliances, light switches, door knobs, cabinet pulls and handles, railings, faucets, knobs, telephones, sinks, and toilets.

• Windows in bedrooms and common areas will be opened to allow fresh air to circulate during the cleaning process.

• All electronics and light fixtures will be wiped down including remotes and thermostats.

Cancellation Policy
As Coronavirus (Covid-19) is still having an impact on the entire world we want guests to have the confidence when booking with us and, to do so, we have following cancellation policy:
1) Reduction of current cancellation penalties for high and low season from 60 days to 28 days before arrival, for all existing reservations and all future reservations. This would mean full refunds in case of cancellations outside of 28 days.

2) Instead of sending payment at the time of booking, you can now send it once the 28 days have passed before arrival.

3) For reservation scheduled for the Christmas/New Year holiday period cancellation policies remain the same with a slight difference. If a guest cancels a reservation more than 60 days prior to the scheduled arrival, all amounts paid will be refunded. If a guest cancels a reservation 60 days or less prior to the scheduled arrival at the property a credit will be applied to be use within the twelve months starting from the date of arrival.
4) This cancellation policy applies to all reservations if cancellations are related to Coronavirus, which means: a) If the airlines cancel flights from the guest’s country of origin to our destination. b) If our destination does not allow guests from specific locations to enter our destination. c) The United States CDC, the United Kingdom FCO or equivalent government agency has issued a warning level 3 or higher to our destination, which means that you should not travel.

Additional COVID-19 resources
We are committed to supporting you and your business throughout the COVID-19 crisis. 
Visit this page for regular updates as well as answers to frequently asked questions.
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